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The demand for business aviation has been increasing year after year on a global basis. However, in Japan the business aviation industry seems to lag behind and its situation is limited in comparison to other countries.         In Japan priority has been given to large aircraft with regularly scheduled flights over small airplanes such as business aircraft with non-scheduled services. As a result, business aircraft operations experience many limitations due to over-regulation. In the near future, the projected demand for business aircraft usage will dramatically increase. This makes it imperative for the situation in Japan to improve by creating a better operating environment through such measures as the relaxation of regulations. The Japan Business Aircraft Association (JBAA) was established in May 1996 as an incorporated nonprofit organization (in April 2001 it was renamed the Japan Business Aviation Association). Up until the present, we have contributed to the development and expansion of Japanese business aviation with our members’ cooperation. It is essential to have more knowledge and informational exchange between our members for the further development of Japanese business aviation. We sincerely hope that you will understand the aviation policy and present situation in Japan as well as the process for achieving the smooth operations of business aircraft in future.


    Marubeni Aerospace Corporation

    Aircraft sales and charter service.
  • sojitz         

    Sojitz Corporation

    Aircraft sales and charter service.
  • OAS 岡山航空株式会社         

    Okayama Air Service

    Business jet operations and maintenance
  • Japcon         


    Aircraft trading, management and maintenance.
  • 中日本航空株式会社         

    Nakanihon Air Service

    Emergency medical and multi purpose charter service.
  • 朝日航洋株式会社         

    Aero Asahi

    International and domestic charter service.
  • フジビジネスジェット株式会社         

    Fuji Business Jet

    Business jet operations and handling, maintenance, hanger service.